TIFFY View 3.3
Java™ Edition
Rated top 5%
  • View and print your TIFF, GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG images on common platforms like Windows, Mac OS, OS X, LINUX, Solaris and many more!
  • Use TIFFY View either locally as standalone application or embedded as applet in your browser
  • Powerful embedded and fullscreen slideshows with thumbnail generator/preview help you organize and present your digital media in all major browsers like FireFox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • annotations and many optimizations for fast and professional document management
  • WordPress and Joomla plugins available for easy slideshow integration into your blog or CMS

Details, demos, free download (English)
Details, Demos, freier Download (deutsch)
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TIFFY Toolkit 3.3
for the Java™ platform

  • Extend your platform independent image management application with a compact (only about 300KB code) component for fast viewing, image processing and printing capabilities for TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG images including annotations!
  • Get powerful and well documented Java class libraries e.g. for
    • image panel component with customizable button toolbar and scroll bars for easy navigation (zooming with fast antialiasing/grayscaling, scrolling etc.); JFC supported
    • image producers for several formats
    • handling memory images with packed image data to reduce memory consumption and improve performance for several image and color transformations
  • Get well documented source code for two sample demo applets/applications that extend your browser with many features of TIFFY

Details, demos, free download (English)
Details, Demos, freier Download (deutsch)
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